Hey, I am Jan. I will help you turn your ideas into reality.


Est. 2019


Est. 2016

PA systems

> 3 years experience

Professional DJ

> 4 years experience

djay Pro

> 6 years experience

FL Studio

> 4 years experience

Together for your Event!

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This is my way to enchant people

With passion, rhythm and the power of music, I make every moment unforgettable

I live for music and my passion is connecting people with EDM. Every show should be a unique experience.

With experience in Trier's top club and unforgettable performances on ships or local festivals, my mission is clear: make the dance floor shake, whether at company parties, weddings or special events.

Skills from years of Experience

With a diverse expertise in various genres, from EDM to charts, I bring the energy and sensitivity to every Here you will find a small selection of recent highlights.

2023 – Single release

Never ending

My latest single in the progressive house style, available on all major streaming providers since spring.

2023 – DJ

Ibiza House in Coyote Trier

Together with other DJs we brought the Ibiza feeling to the terrace of the Coyote Café in Trier.

2023 – DJ

Summer on the River

A transformed party ride on the Marie Astrid, with support from 11th Floor Trier and Disco Deluxe.

2023 – DJ

Concert home festival

A headliner performance at this year's Konzer Heimatfest with a large stage, presented by the HDJ, which thrilled the audience.

An insight into my skills and passions across different genres of music.

Charts & Mainstream
Oldies (90s and 2000s)
Electronic music
Other genres (hit, rock, indie, etc.)

My service combines breathtaking music mixes refreshing Ideas.

With a sense of aesthetics and innovation, I transform every event into a unique experience. My refreshing ideas and thoughtful design ensure that your celebration will be unforgettable.

Event DJ

As an event DJ, I live for the moment when the music reaches people and brings the dance floor to life. With a mix of current hits and timeless classics, I create a musical experience that is perfectly tailored to your event.

Event planning

Planning an event requires care, creativity and a sense of detail. I work closely with you to ensure that every facet of your event, from the music to the lighting, is exactly how you want it.

Event technology

Technology is the heart of every successful event.
Using state-of-the-art equipment and technical know-how, I ensure the sound and visual effects are flawless to create a completely immersive experience.

Some of my Highlights from some Events

Pictures speak louder than words, and that's why I invite you to gain a visual insight into my most exciting performances and events. Discover the energy and passion I put into every project through this hand-picked selection of images.


Est. 2019


Est. 2016

There are still Doubt? Speak You with me!

Your satisfaction is my goal. From the first conversation to the last song, I work closely with you to make your event a musical highlight. Thanks to my dedication to music and my connections to the scene, I am the ideal choice for your event.

Feedback from a few of mine Customers

Talk is silver, feedback is gold: Anyone can talk nice about themselves, but if other people say it too, that speaks for itself. Here are some voices from my satisfied customers.

I'm waiting for permission to post the quote...
Matthias & Nora B.
bride and groom
I'm waiting for permission to post the quote...
Valerie P.
30th birthday
I'm waiting for permission to post the quote...
I'm waiting for permission to post the quote...
John & Jacky S.
bride and groom
I'm waiting for permission to post the quote...
Lukas & Caro W.
bride and groom

Special Prices that I offer:

Please note that the prices listed here are only estimates based on my previous experiences. Every event is unique in terms of technology and preparation and therefore often requires an individual calculation. For larger events, I work closely with my contacts to coordinate all the details. Therefore, the price can vary greatly depending on the scope and requirements. Don't hesitate to contact me directly to receive a tailor-made quote for your special event.

Basic package

For small events
(Without technology, only with DJ)


approximately per event

Standard package

Suitable for most events


approximately per event

Expert package

For the biggest events we can handle


approximately per event